All the features you need in one easy-to-use application.

Say goodbye to the days of using multiple applications to manage your studio, with purpose-built tools to put everything you need in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Features Devices

Management simplified.

We designed Studio Assistant with the intention of streamlining all the necessary elements of studio management into one, simple solution. So say goodbye to multiple systems for bookings, staff management, payments, and analytics, because we have you covered.

Built-in Analytics

With everything in one place, analytics for rooms and staff are a breeze.


Staff & Clients

Manage staff schedules and rates, as well as artist deliverables and payments.

Staff and Client Management

Session Logging

Studio Assistant keeps all the necessary files stored in the booking forever.

Session Logging Upload

Streamlined bookings and payments.

Bookings are the core functionality of any studio, so we prioritized refining our booking process to be robust, customizable, and simple. As a result, you can book with confidence with settings and options for anything that comes up in the booking process and automation to handle quotes and invoices.


As complex or as simple as you require. We've done it all.

Custom Bookings


Instant Quotes and invoices with pre-populated information.

Automated Quotes and Invoices


We make getting paid painless with payments built directly in.


Fully organizable

Studio Assistant comes with a suite of CRM features that allow you to keep track of anything and everything. From a powerful calendar that can be filtered by studio room, staff member, and more to color-coding your artists and clients or leaving notes for follow-up, you'll be able to stay on top of everything without breaking a sweat.


Automatically synced calendars with all your staff and clients.


Client CRM

Color code your clients and add internal notes for your staff.

Client CRM

Booking Tags

Bookings are automatically labeled with what stage they're in.

Booking Tags

Expanding Network

Member accounts allow clients to save payment and billing information to lighten their workload and make their next booking. In addition, as more and more member accounts are created, the marketplace becomes a powerful tool to generate new business using a booking process that's already familiar to all involved.

Distributed Work

Get more time to focus on the music, and let us spread the workload.

Distributed Workload

More Clients

Our network growth provides more and more clients for your studio.

More Clients

Refined Bookings

The intelligent booking process will save you time and money.

Refined Bookings

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Studio Assistant