API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor

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'From a mastering perspective, the 2500 is great for ‘gluing’ a mix together, making everything work in harmony. From the mixing and tracking side, it really excels as a drum bus compressor.' Chris Chetland - KOG Studios

API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor
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The API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor has proved its versatility as a sound-sculpting tool throughout the years, in studios around the world. Apart from its main purpose of compressing audio, the 2500 is great for adding punch, depth and character to your tracks.

The unit is a real studio workhorse. It can be found in a wide range of professional audio establishments, serving mixing and mastering services alongside tracking, where the 2500 is used to infuse life into a performance. Chris Chetland, lead engineer at KOG studios explains:

‘Mojo is what the API 2500 is known for and you can get that in a touch or in spades, depending on how much you push it. The 2500 is super versatile, able to deliver on a really wide range of needs, which makes it a desert island compressor for many producers and engineers.’

While Chris’ API 2500 lives in his mastering rack, he tells us that it also gets used for tracking and mixing every other day.  For him, the unit really shines on drums by providing something extra on top of the usual compression. He adds:

“There aren’t many compressors that can compete with it on drums for anything groove based. It makes a track sound more alive, powerful and dynamic (even though it’s compressing) and adds that high-end production sheen and punch we all strive to achieve.”



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