EMT 140 Plate Reverberator

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Could this be a real magic box?

EMT 140 Plate Reverberator
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The EMT 140 Plate Reverberator is the benchmark for many other plate reverbs. This pinnacle of German audio technology engineering has found numerous uses in recording studios for over half a century. Boasting a distinctively lush sound with smooth edges that beatuficully round off high and low frequencies, the EMT 140's effect has been the subject of many recreation attempts in both hardware and software formats.

Released in 1957, the 140 Plate marked a change in recording history by being one of the first viable commercial products to provided a smaller solution to reverb chambers, despite weighing in at a staggering 270 KGs. The original version was intended for mono use; however, in 1961 the company launched the 140 ST capable of dealing with stereo sources.

Due to the nature of it ageing components, each EMT 140 will exhibit a unique sound, which is hard to replicate in a plug-in form. While there are still some original units living in studios across the world, they generally change hands at premiums in excess of $5000 per unit.



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