Manley Labs Massive Passive

Posted by Rob B

'It's like a Pultec on hyper-steroids' - David Manley

Manley Labs Massive Passive

The Massive Passive is a two channel, four band equalizer, with additional high pass and low pass filters. It's passive deisgn allows the Massive Passive to deliver a pristine sound even when pushed to its limit.


TIP:   Twice as much EQ with half the coloration makes the Massive Passive ideal for Mixing and Mastering


Passive equalisers work by shaping the sound through the use of metal film resistors, film capacitors and hand-wound inductors, as opposed to active circuitry which can impart artefacts to the original signal. The result is a unit which produces twice as much eq with half the coloration, making it ideal for Mixing or Mastering purposes. The Massive Passive is designed to be a fundamentally different EQ which incorporates the best strengths of Pultecs, choice console EQs, parametric and graphic units.


The Massive Passive allows for up to 20dB of gain boost or reduction. Its shaping flexibility is extensive, with all four bands switchable between bell and shelf modes and unique shelving curves offered by the bandwidth control. We praise the Massive Passive for its excellent control of the mid range - the unit is great for taming harshness in the upper mids and general mid-range balancing of a mix. We also recommend using it to add an 'expensive' layer of pristine air on the top end, as well as filtering or low end or broadly sculpting the lower mids.


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