A Few Moments with Magoo

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If you've been involved in Australian music in the last 20 years, You know “Magoo” or you’ve heard music he has produced! The Aria winning producer has worked with Powderfinger, Reguritator, Midnight Oil and Spiderbait.

A Few Moments with Magoo

Magoo is known for being equally at home in a world class studio like 301, or setting up in a "bubble" as he famously did for Reguritators' Band in a Bubble Project. More recently he has been mixing, as well as teaching his craft in universities around Brisbane, Australia.

Can you share with us what you're working on at the moment?

I'm in Byron Bay at the wonderful 301 studios, recording a band from Tasmania called Chase City.

What's your favourite stage in the music production process (mixing, recording, touring..)?

Definitely mixing. When I'm tracking I think about what I want to hear in the final mix. Where I want things to sit, spatially.

Favourite piece of gear you used recently?

Well, the Neve board at 301 is kinda special, if that counts. Otherwise it'd be an old Ampex preamp made from a channel out of an old tape machine. It belongs to Nick Dida and if it wasn't screwed down, I'd take it with me.

Let's talk influencers. Any other producers/ songwriters artists you're inspired by?

I'm a big fan of Tchad Blake. His approach to sound always pleases my ears. I'm a massive Beatles head, as cliched as that is. The songs, the arrangements, the approach to recording, and the production.

How did you first start producing music?

It certainly wasn't planned. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and could actually be rather well off at the moment. When I finished the degree, there was no work and I ended up bumming around a local studio and that's what I've done ever since.

Name your bucket-list piece of production equipment

I'm happy to record with whatever is around. If you press record - rewind and then play and the performance is there, that's all the matters, but of course I have a few favourite pieces.

Is there a piece of gear you no longer have access to that you miss when it comes to making music?

I do miss my tape Machine. I had a Studer 16 track 2", but I also miss having the time to work on tape. It was time consuming. You would literally spend 30 minutes a day listening to it rewind. Precious time these days.

Finish this sentence: If I wasn't producing music, I'd be...

Teaching other people how to produce music.

Thanks for your time and for joining us! If you want to find out more about Magoo or contact him, check out: http://magoosound.com


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