• calendar

    Bookings Manager

    Keep everything bookings related in one convenient, organized place for everyone involved

  • bother

    Integrated Payments

    Get paid faster with payments directly integrated into your bookings on Studio Assistant

  • Open Door

    Organizational Tools

    Synced Calendars for all parties, and a suite of CRM features to make organization a breeze.

  • calendar

    Multi Facility Management

    Studio Assistant has been built to handle anything from a one room studio to a multi-facility chain.

  • bother

    Open Network

    Studio Assistant allows you to work easily with anyone, not just Studio Assistant subscribers

  • COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT. All the tools you need in one place.

    We designed Studio Assistant with the intention of streamlining all the necessary elements of studio management into one, simple solution. Say goodbye to multiple systems for bookings, staff management, payments, and analytics, because we have you covered!

    Spend less time worrying about all the administrative day to day and let us automate your day giving you more time to focus on the music.

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Ready to handle anything

    Studio Assistant can acommodate any size studio. From small one room independent studios, to large multi-facility operations, we're ready to save you time and effort so you can spend less time on administration, and more time on music.

    With everything from personalized invoices, to detailed staff and studio room analytics, to powerful delegation tools at your fingertips, you can rest assured that everything, and everyone you need is in the same place.

  • AN EXPANDING NETWORK As Studio Assistant grows, so does your network

    As more and more artists and labels join Studio Assistant, our marketplace becomes a powerful feature for bringing in new artists with an automated booking process. Being listed on the marketplace provides additional exposure to new labels and artists with a transparent and automated booking process that increases ease of use and connectivity.

    This provides an easy way to get artists in the door that may not normally book with you.

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"Studio Assistant has spent the last two years working with Atlantic Records to build a fully realized application that handles your studio needs and connects you directly with artists and labels in a way never before seen"

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