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The all-in-one solution to manage your studio.

Studio Assistant's industry-specific management features allow you to automate workflows and spend less time on administration.

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Studio Assistant has spent the last two years working with Atlantic Records to build a fully realized application that handles your studio needs and connects you directly with artists and labels in a way never before seen.

Set up your studio with staff, rooms and services.

Whether you're a small independent studio or a large multi-facility operation, Studio Assistant can streamline your business.
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Bookings and payments within seconds.

Create bookings, add sessions, staff, and deliverables, and generate quotes and invoices within a few clicks.
Booking and Payment Features

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Organize your world.

It's no secret the music industry is unorganized. Studio Assistant provides a suite of organizational tools to help you make sense of it all.
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Client Management

Booking Status

Booking Status

Integrate and expand your network.

Studio Assistant member accounts allow users to request bookings, save payment and billing info, and empowers the marketplace to become a powerful new client acquisition tool.
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Focus on the music.

Let us streamline the day-to-day, so you and your staff can get back to what really matters; the music.

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